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Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley
Gallery of Members

Doug Fulford Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley Member
Doug Fulford
Chainmaille Jewelry
Using Authentic medieval and modern weaving techniques, Doug creates beautiful chains, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from aluminum, silver or gold. Custom orders are a specialty.

Contact Doug - 519-787-3257
Malcolm McCulloch. Artist
Most of my work is the result of a spontanious collusion of thought , paint and paper , often with unintended and mysterious results
Email: macpat@live.ca
Malcolm McCulloch Artist Member of River Bend Artists of Grand Valley

Malcolm McCulloch Artist Member of River Bend Artists of Grand Valley
Nathan Adler Artist Member of River Bend Artists of Grand Valley

Nathan Adler, Writer and Artist
Nathan Adler is a writer and artist who works in many different mediums, including audio & video, drawing & painting, as well as glass. His novel Wrist is published by Kegedonce Press: (Spring 2016). He is a member of Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.
email: nathanadler@live.ca
Manuela Marshall Fabric artist
Manuela Marshall's artwork
Manuela works with textures, colour, hand and machine embroidery, fabric painting and beading to create unique objects d'art that have been juried into national fabric shows.
Items range from $20 to $350

519.928.3415 by appointment

Peter Marshall's artwork Peter Marshall Pyrographic / acrylic painter

Peter burns images into wooden panels, trays, boxes and furniture. He then applies acrylic paint between the lines.
artsii.marshall@gmail.com artsii.blogspot.com
519 928 3415 by appointment
Items range form $30 to $450

Nathan Masters Photography
To purchase any of Nathan's
work please navigate here:
Buy Pictures
Nathan Masters Photographer

Normally, you will find Nathan with his camera around his neck snapping photos of anything and everything. He is rarely without his photography equipment. Photography has become a driving force in his life. One of his favorite things to shoot is panoramas because he finds them so absolutely stunning.

He also enjoys experimenting with the wide array of features and abilities of Photoshop and Lightroom, which led him into the realm of photo restoration. He welcomes opportunities to take portraits, family photos and weddings, which he schedules by appointment only. His camera of preference is the Canon Rebel. He is available for portraits and weddings by appointment only.

Leah Mitchell ~ Quilter
Leah Mitchell ~ Quilter

Leah has been quilting since 1994. She is essentially self-taught and enjoys the challenge of designing, piecing and quilting small decorative and functional items for the home. Her designs are inspired by traditional patterns that are in the public domain. Her quilted pieces are designed to be useful so she prefers to work with 100% cotton which can be washed and dried by machine. She does machine-piecing and hand-appliqué and does both hand and machine quilting depending on the function of the piece. She is known for her colour choices, appealing designs and attention to detail in the finished work.
phone: 519-928-3059
Margaret Oorebeek - Painter

Margaret Oorebeek

I love to paint the surrounding landscapes of Dufferin County and Ontario with oil paint. I love the texture and movement of this medium. I enjoy the rural life which is also expressed in my paintings. As I grow as an artist I continue to develop my yearning for colour and depth, contrasts of light and shadow. I have worked on a number of commissions and enjoy taking on that challenge. So feel free to call me.

Through the years I have always sought ways to express my need to create through drawing, handwork and graphic design while raising four children with my husband Jan. Now, I am answering a life-long call to paint and am exploring the expressiveness of my art. I continue to learn with every painting and have also enjoyed experiencing the gifts and skill of fellow artists as I grow and develop with them.


Donna Pascoe ~ Artist Scupltor Donna Pascoe ~ Artist Scupltor Donna Pascoe ~ Artist Scupltor
Donna Pascoe
Painter, Sculptor, Architectural Designer

Ancient Civilizations, Art & Mythology and living by Luther Marsh, are some of the inspiring Muses for Donna’s creative expression. Each painting or piece of sculpture has a story to tell, touching the soul & reflecting her passionate reverence for all life.

Joan Pope~ Hummingbird Dance, Just Like tom thumb blues
Joan Pope

Come Experience for yourself - basic fitness, gentle moves, stretches and rolls that will allow you to nourish your own bodies. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist-Joan shares a fitness program designed to help everyone individually work on their bodies @ their own speed. Seniors this is a great tool for us all. Check out the new schedules for the upcoming classes, and take your time and read at the top of the new schedule the anti-aging page, thanks and hope you join us.

For more details go to
The Grand Valley Times
or telephone 519-928-3123
Julie Vanalstine World Renowned Artist
Works by Julie VanAlstine
can only be described as fearsome, fantastic and strangely fun. The mysterious worlds of the subconscious surface in her works, introducing you to imagery familiar and yet totally unique, disturbing at times and yet compellingly beautiful. Julie works mostly in mixed mediums, but specializes in pen and ink, acrylic and ball point pen. An art experience not to be missed.
Xaveria Forsythe - Handspinner, Knitter, Colourist, Designer

Xaveria Forsythe is and accomplished handspinner, knitter, colourist and designer.

She uses her own organic handspun woollen yarns, as well as cotton and man-made fibres.

All her works are handmade and singularly unique. Vera lives in Amaranth, Ontario, and expresses her talents in this distinctive medium of the Arts.
Dan Sinclair - Sculptor in Metal
Dan Sinclair - Sculptor in Metal

Dan creates wrought iron sculptures from past & current materials, transforming them into fantastical & unique sculptures.

His experiences as an arborist & bonsai artist appear in his contorted, windswept trees as though sculpted by years of relentless pressure from wind & winter storms.

Web Site www.ironbonsai.ca
email: ironbonsai@live.com
Anna Maria
Anna-Maria Dickinson

A child of the tropics, born in the Caribbean. I spend summer months in Grand Valley, ON, and winter months in Oracle, AZ. My paintings reflect a broad spectrum of memories, places and things.

Nwllie Montgomery - Daffodill

Nellie Montgomery

I started painting in 1987, when Folk art was all the rage..I took some classes then I started to teach…I did this until 1993. Life became very busy and I was not able to paint for many years. But I could not stay away from it, so in order to learn other techniques I would order DVD’s to learn from, I have also taken some classes with other painters, such as Peter John Reid and Michelle van Murick..…I do not have a formal art degree. Photography is also a real passion. I love colour, nature, birds, landscape and old buildings.
Ray Wimot - Artist

Ray Wilmot

From his personal portfolio of still life, landscape, nature, pet and portrait photography, Ray creates transformative custom and ready-to-frame pieces to match the mood and décor of your home or office.

joe simmons world's best web designer

Joe paints when he can find the time but mostly specializes in creating web sites for other artists including sjpringle.net, riverbendartsgroupofgrandvalley.ca and dancefuel.ca. His portfolio can be viewed at

email: jeg@rogers.com

Other Founding Members

  • Denise Boardman

  • Myrna Roberts

  • Genevieve Turrell

  • Debbie Woodruff

  • Julie Baumlisberger