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Open Garden Tour - July 11 2015

Stops Include:
Riverbend Park Riverbend Park (at base of Main Street and Water Street), A beautiful stone wall entry to Grand Valley with a sedum mat top. Well designed shrubbery, a new walking path and a bench to relax in a treed park. Artists: | Karen Garbe (handmade fashion jewellery | Mannie Marshall (fabric artist) | Peter Marshall (pyrographic/acrylic painter | Doug Fulford (chain maille jewellery)
East Luther Andrew Wildeboer - 193398 Amaranth East Luther Townline - A beautiful country property, with perennials, shrubs, stone work, pool... and some surprises!
East Luther Anton and Sofia Merkens - 262319 Conc Road 3-4. A country home with roses, perennials, and a fish bond. A gorgeous property with raised beds made of stone. Artist: Dan Sinclair (sculptor in metal)
East Luther Claudio and Valerie Orgera 173476 Cty. Rd. 25, A quiet oasis off a busy highway, with beautiful mature trees, planted by the owners The rock garden is situated at the site of a former huge hedge. (**Limited space for parking at top, so only for visitors with no mobility concerns, please. )
East Luther Arletta Huson - 30 Crozier Street, Grand Valley - A new garden 2 years ago, on a difficult slope. Come and see how it has matured Also, a hand made fairy home and garden, and a different way to grow your strawberries and container vegetables. Julie Vanalstine (hand-painted stones)
East Luther Rick and Kathy Taylor 67 Amaranth St. E, Grand Valley A perennial favourite, which always has some new plants and decor! Leah Mitchell (quilter) Margaret Oorebeek (painter)